Diego Kravetz Handed Out Anti-Panic Buttons

The head of the Municipality of Lanús, Diego Kravetz, accompanied by the Undersecretary of Sports Development Ricardo Rodríguez, visited the Monte Chingolo Sports and Cultural Social Club, where he handed out anti-panic buttons to the authorities of the institution.

Continuing with the delivery and training program of the security system known as the anti-panic button, the head of the Municipality of Lanús, Diego Kravetz, visited the Monte Chingolo Sports and Cultural Social Club, where he delivered these devices to the directors of the institution together with the Sub-secretary of Sports Development of the commune, Ricardo Rodríguez. The inititavia is part of the program carried out by the Secretary of Security, headed by Diego Kravetz, through which 180 social and sports institutions of the municipality will receive this tool for crime prevention

This device contributes to the security of those neighbors who carry out different activities within the clubs and is delivered to a representative by institution who will have installed the App and will be trained to use it in cases of emergencies, indicating how to activate it, who to call or how to act in case it has been activated by accident.

The use of this App in devices and its corresponding training are actions that have been carried out progressively. First they began to be used with women victims of gender violence and older adults. Because of its effectiveness, its use extended to the prevention of crime, functioning as an alarm with direct communication to the radio command of the local security forces. It is a geolocation device and alerts the authorities of the security forces, which is delivered as a loan.

Along the same lines, Diego Kravetz announced that in the coming weeks they will continue to visit the district’s retirement centers as part of the anti-panic button delivery program for the elderly. “We will continue touring the retirement centers of Lanús Municipio to bring them this important and effective tool for their safety. We want our grandparents to feel cared for, “the official said.

In this way, the Security Area of ​​the Municipality of Lanús continues carrying out the second stage of the installation of the anti-panic button, which in this case is intended for seniors and presidents of retirement centers.

The Security Provided By A Clean House

Civil Defense provides advice and information for neighbors to take into account and thus in this way can improve their safety at home through a good sanitization of it.

“Sanitation, cleaning at home, is very important for, although it provides comfort and beautiful appearance, it is a great way to prevent diseases. In this way we can improve our safety and that of our family. That is why it is important to become aware and put into practice some measures provided to achieve it, “said Guillermo Bonafina, undersecretary of security and emergencies of Lanús, who works together with Diego Kravetz , chief of staff.

In general, when germs, insects, fungi and bacteria are present, it is due to the fact that at home cleaning is not being carried out. Apart from the appearance of these, mostly, it occurs in all parts of the house, which means more work at the time of cleaning. But it is necessary to perform a daily cleaning to avoid putting our family at risk, especially the little ones, since they are weaker in these situations.

In addition to cleaning at home it is important to have good personal hygiene, because our body is in constant contact with bacteria and microbes.

That is why Civil Defense provides advice to keep the home clean and safe, and that cleaning does not become a nuisance, but a habit.

. Clean your hands frequently. Make it with warm water and soap.

. After finishing cooking it is important to disinfect the kitchen.

. After using the dishes should be washed with hot water and degreaser and not the next day, at the time.

. It is important to sweep the floor at least 3 times a day.

. At least once or twice a week carry out a more thorough cleaning of the daily.

. It is advisable to wash a food before storing or consuming it. In this way we avoid contracting the microbes that it has and infecting the other foods.

. The toilet, sink and shower must have a daily cleaning.

Diego Kravetz – Strong Winds And Heavy Rains

Based on strong winds and continuous rains, Civil Defense provides advice to improve the safety of all residents.

“The strong winds, together with the continuous rains generate more risk to the neighbors. We come with several of these days, where the risks of accidents increase. Therefore, based on the predicted (until Wednesday), we provide advice and security measures for neighbors to take into account “said Guillermo Bonafina, undersecretary of security and emergencies of Lanús, who works with the chief of staff Diego Kravetz.

The municipality of Lanús, argues that one of the key tools to improve the security of all neighbors is prevention. For this reason, it is very important to keep informed so that we can take the necessary measures based on the situation that arises.

Civil Defense provides advice and security measures in the face of strong winds and intense rainfall forecast.

. Enter all objects that may be blown by the wind and cause damage.

. It is important to keep the balconies and windows closed.

. It is important to remove all those objects that are in poor condition and can fall, such as tiles, lamps, ornaments, etc.

. Remove pots, awnings and other objects that may fall.

. Avoid leaving the home if it is not necessary.

. Do not take out the garbage.

. If you are with the car, drive slowly.

. Do not touch poles, light boxes or cables.

“It is essential that neighbors know that in the face of any situation that creates risk, they can immediately communicate with toll free number 103, Municipal Civil Defense Board. It is also important that our page Undersecretary of Security – General Directorate of Civil Defense Lanús ( https://www.facebook.com/defensacivil.lanus/?ref=br_tf&epa=SEARCH_BOX ) to stay constantly informed and take action “, Bonafina concluded.

Diego Kravetz | Local Police Hijacked A Stolen Truck

It was after a persecution in which the criminals fled

This week in one of the Illicit Prevention Operations that the Lanusense Police does daily kidnapped thanks to the leadership of Diego Kravetz as security chief of the Municipality of Lanús, a Renault Cangoo van that had been abandoned by criminals after a persecution .

On the afternoon of Monday, June 24, in an operation to prevent illicit local agents visualized a Renault Cangoo truck that was circulating in the area of ​​Dr. Rosa and October 17, Lomas de Zamora, whose drivers had a suspicious attitude so much that account of the police presence began to flee which caused the beginning of a persecution that ended with the criminals getting lost and managing to escape through the streets of Lomas de Zamora and the vehicle in question being abandoned.

In this way, the van, a white Renault Cangoo, which was driven by criminals was quickly kidnapped by local police who when they made inquiries about the wheeled finds that he had an active complaint for theft.

It is very common in cases where criminals use vehicles that have been stolen to commit new crimes, particularly robberies on public roads. For this reason, the controls that are made to vehicles of any characteristic are of vital importance since not only future robberies are avoided but also they occur with stolen rounds that stop being at the service of the delinquency and are returned to their corresponding owners . In particular, motorcycles are the vehicles most used to commit crimes on public roads, that is why operatives were created to supervise particularly motorcycles. However, cars, trucks, are not exempt from being used for dishonest purposes, so as part of the vehicle control operations also controls the origin and status of this type of road. 

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The School Nª 13 of Lanús lived a day of Road Education

The Municipality of Lanús, through the Secretariat of Security and Sustainable Mobility , continues with the Road Safety Education Days, this time at School No. 13. In developed countries, maintaining an orderly traffic and preventing accidents is a task of the State that begins in schools with compulsory content, and continues throughout the educational journey of young people until they get the first license.

With that objective, School No. 13 lived a day of awareness on the behavior behind the wheel, to train both children and adults about the basic knowledge and precautionary measures that must be taken into account when driving. , incorporating basic concepts in a didactic way.

The Directorate of Road Safety, under the Secretariat of Security and Sustainable Mobility, works from a comprehensive security concept whose approach starts from preventive aspects and specific actions to specific facts linked to crime. To achieve this objective, the focus is on strengthening dialogue channels with the neighbor and on the inclusion of new technologies, as well as improving street monitoring, which complements the patrolling of police forces in the cities. neighborhoods.

In 2017, Argentina had nearly 7 thousand deaths in traffic accidents, of which 4 thousand were under 45 years of age who died while crossing the street, after falling from a motorcycle or imprisoned inside their vehicles after crashing.

For these statistics, the Municipality of Lanús believes that it is necessary to create awareness from the smallest and particularly, in the youngest, because it is the sector that most loses its life in traffic accidents.

The Municipality of Lanús devotes to this problem the importance it deserves, following the virtuous model that developed countries have built over the years, with education throughout the educational journey of young people, until obtaining the first license, with obligatory contents included in the study plans.

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Diego Kravetz – Improving Citizen Security

Civil Defense offers advice to improve coexistence among neighbors in the municipality of Lanús.

“Safety, good coexistence, begins with oneself, providing a little of each one we can make together a better municipality. It is essential that we begin to become aware of taking safety measures, thus reducing the chances of accidents being generated, “said Guillermo Bonafina, deputy secretary of security and emergencies of Lanús who works together with Diego Kravetz , chief of staff , in charge of the security area since the beginning of the management.

The acts of coexistence are fundamental to create a collective conscience about security. It also allows us to feel good about ourselves by knowing that we are helping others who need it. The collaboration of all is very important for the growth of the municipality.

That is why Civil Defense provides general advice on security and good citizenship.

. Collaborating with neighbors is essential.

. Report strange noises in nearby homes as soon as possible.

. Help people who are victims of a crime.

. If you find an elderly person, a minor or mentally ill person who is apparently lost, call the police and stay with them until the agents arrive.

. Do not lose sight of your belongings.

. The pedestrian must always walk on the sidewalk.

. Before crossing the street, look well on both sides and respect the traffic light.

. In case of using the vehicle, always use the belt.

. Respect traffic signals and regulations.

. Check the vehicle monthly and properly.

. Do not carry objects that could jeopardize the safety of others.

Always the neighbors have the Local Police, do not hesitate to make the corresponding complaints to act on time.

Diego Kravetz – Care with Electricity in the Home

Electricity is a very dangerous element. Therefore, Civil Defense provides advice and safety measures to reduce the risks of accidents.

“Prevention is the key tool to improve safety in all types of environments, whether on public roads, at school, at work, at home. The latter is fundamental since it is where the youngest children are taught to prevent. That is why we offer advice and safety measures to avoid accidents with electricity in the home, “said Guillermo Bonafina, undersecretary of security and emergencies at Lanús.

All types of accidents tend to occur in the home, especially when there are children. One of the most frequent accidents is related to electricity, either because the state of the facilities is not good or because of lack of precaution of the people. That is why it is essential, to avoid accidents, to take certain precautions.

Based on this, Civil Defense and Diego Kravetz , head of the Security Area of ​​Lanús Municipality, provide some security measures to improve the electrical safety in the home.

. Plugging many things into an electrical outlet could damage the electrical system and even cause a fire.

. It is essential that to prevent pets or children from grabbing the cables, they are hidden, clean and tidy.

. Never place cables under any carpet, as in the event of a cable failure, it can even generate a fire.

. It is not recommended to use the cell phone when charging.

. During a storm it is important to unplug all those devices sensitive to electrical faults

. Teach children that electricity is not a toy and that it can generate accidents.

. Do not make repairs or placements of artifacts if you are not a specialist or are not very informed about this issue.

. Do not connect electronic devices that are wet. And in case they are not wet it should be plugged with appropriate footwear.